Our dinosaur party is generally suited to, but not limited to, children between 4-9 years of age - it's a firm favourite with the little stompers and roarers out there!


The party lasts for 2hrs with a short break in the middle for a food and drink break. A set-up and down time of 30 minutes is required both ends of the party, so if you are hiring a venue make sure you book enough time for this. If you would prefer we can come to your home and host the party there, space and numbers permitting. We encourage guests to come in dinosaur fancy dress but it's not compulsory!


Dino disco with multicoloured lights 

Bubble machine 

Fun props

Dinosaur themed games: Stomp off, Fossil dash, Stega statues, Pass the meteor, Pin the horn on the Triceratops, Diplo diplo docus, Velociraptor charge, Jurassic limbo, Allosaurus relay, Musical Megladon, T-Rex says, Megasaurus conga train, Snoring 'saurs

Prizes & certificates

Spotlight for birthday boy/girl with a certificate and medal & goody bag (birthdays only)

Optional extras:

Bespoke invitations / Pop up photo booth / Lucky Dip / Party bags / Glitter station / Face Painting / Individual sweetie bags / Charlie Horse special guest visit / Decorations 

See our "Party Extras" from the main menu for more information & prices!